6 Basic Types of Social Proof

Social Proof

There are six types of social proof that you’ll see, well, pretty much everywhere. Choose one type to use in your baseline variant. You’ll want to choose the type you use based on your specific industry and goal.

12 Things You Must Do To Win More Deals Using Case Studies & Social Proof

Winning more deals is a top priority for most businesses, but getting to where you want to be isn’t always easy. A lot goes into winning more deals, but perhaps the most important is your website. Your website or online presence is often the first thing a potential customer will see. And even when it’s […]

The Power of Customer Reviews

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Using customer reviews in your marketing strategy is a powerful tool. Not only does it help buyers in their purchase decisions, but it gives them a reason to trust your company.

Using Social Proof to Boost Sales

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Using social proof in your marketing strategy is vital to helping your business increase its sales. Before making a buying decision, almost every shopper will seek out reviews to see if previous customers are happy with your products and make sure you’re the right company for them.