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Using Social Proof to Boost Sales

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Using social proof in your marketing strategy is vital to helping your business increase its sales.

Before making a buying decision, almost every shopper will seek out reviews to see if previous customers are happy with your products and make sure you’re the right company for them.

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  1. 97% of consumers look at reviews before purchasing.
  2. Testimonials can increase conversion rates on sales pages by 34%
  3. 50% of consumers’ next step after reading a good review is to visit the brand’s website.
  4. A single good review can increase conversions by a whopping 10%!
  5. Using FOMO (fear of missing out) can boost your conversions by 40%-200%.
  6. Online product reviews about a specific product can increase conversion rates by 270%.
  7. Customers would spend 31% more on a business with good reviews.
  8. Having at least 5 reviews causes purchase likelihood to increase by a factor of nearly 4X.
  9. Higher priced items need at least 5 reviews to see maximum conversion impact.
  10. Lower-priced items only need 2-4 reviews to see a noticeable impact.
  11. Purchase likelihood increases by 15% when reviews are written by a verified customer than a random person.
  12. Shoppers age 18-24 expect an average of 203 reviews per product page.
  13. The likelihood of purchase peaks at a star rating of 4.0 – 4.7, then decreases as the rating gets closer to 5.0.
  14. 88% of buyers are influenced in their buying decision by reviews.
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